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Beneficial health related products.

Please take time to review our products that are available through our practice

Health Pillows-Therapeutic Pillows: Australian made pillows, memory foam seat cushions , wedges and body supports.

-Posture Poles: Used to improve posture and reduce tension in the neck, jaw,shoulders and low back.

-Cold Packs: To help reduce the pain and swelling to injured joints and muscles.

-Wheat Packs: Heat therapy helps to provide relief to stiff,sore and tight muscles and joints.

-Traumeel: An effective and natural treatment that relieves musculoskeletal conditions of pain and inflammation in the neck, back and other joints.

Massage Products

Spikey Balls for massage
-Spikey Balls: To allow for long term results and management of trigger points, spikey balls become a great tool to use, especially in conjunction with your Massage Treatments. They help to further manage your symptoms of muscle pain and discomfort, either at home or work.

-Bath Bombs: Designed to assist with relaxing muscles and post -massage relaxation therapy.

Nutrition: Sunrider

Sunrider Products
Sunrider is an internationally recognised company that specialises in high quality plant-based health, beauty and wellness products.Their unique products are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, which is a set of principles that states that the body regenerates when it is nourished, cleansed andbalanced.These products are plant based and manufactured to the highest quality and standards.

Helpful Reading

healthy books“The Wealth Within” by Dr. Ainslie Meares MD.learn how to meditate and its beneficial effects on the body.

“The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm” by Dr. James Chestnut DC- read how our food and lifestyle choices are the cause of our body’s imbalance and illness and how to rectify this.

“Well Adjusted Babies” by Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani DC -the complete guide to pregnancy,birth, babies and much more.