What to expect.

At your first visit, you will have a thorough assessment taken and following a diagnosis being made, options for chiropractic care will be discussed and consented. Chiropractic care will be administered and any stretching exercises will be discussed and this will be followed by a management plan being organised.
The primary focus is to prevent this condition of your neuromusculoskeletal system (nerve, muscle and joint) from recurring. This may produce pain with the altered joint function and produce a negative affect on your general health. This joint and nerve dysfunction, which is referred to as a vertebral subluxation, is cared for with a choice of manual and activator techniques, along with soft tissue therapy and muscle and joint stretching exercises.
The primary focus of chiropractic care is the conservative management of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system without the use of medications and surgery.
At Dynamic Chiropractic we care for people of all ages with headache and neck pain, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and back pain. We offer therapy for people with sports injuries, including X-Ray referrals and provide a management plan for rehabilitation.
Our massage therapy can be tailored for both activity and sports related injuries as well as for relaxation.


Chiropractic is a health care profession based on the scientific premise that the body is a self healing and self regulating organism. The practice of chiropractic is focussed on the relationship between structure, primarily of the spine and pelvis and the function of the body, as co-ordinated by the nervous system.
Our central nervous system (CNS), consists of the brain and spinal cord and this controls, coordinates and regulates all the systems of our body. Peripheral nerves branch from the spinal cord and when the spinal and extremity joints are not functioning correctly, these nerves may become irritated and pain can result. The muscles in the affected areas are also controlled by the CNS and the affect on these muscle groups may cause stiffness and spasm, as well as weakness and pain. It is the relationship of the structure and the function of the body, as to how the health of the individual can be restored and maintained.
Chiropractic care includes the adjustment/manipulation to specific joint segments combined with joint and soft-tissue manual treatments. Rehabilitation exercises and patient education regarding, if necessary, any alterations to daily activities are also implemented and depending upon the care that is required, orthotics and other aids may also be needed to assist in the healing phase/s.

IQ ImpulseTechnique™

The aim of the chiropractic technique with the IQ Impulse Activator, is to help the body restore joint function and thereby remove the cause of the individual’s pain or discomfort and not purely their symptoms.
In the majority of cases, the treatment is painless and after the adjustment, many patients feel the relief of discomfort and pain and experience improved joint mobility. Other results may be the sense of well-being or a soothing and calming feeling. Naturally, results vary from person to person and those people with chronic conditions, inflammation or muscle spasm may experience a slight delay in these positive effects.
Dr Catherine Reynolds is a licensed & authorised IQ Impulse Practitioner.

What is Remedial Massage.

A remedial massage therapist will involve a clinical approach to your problem and assess the source of your pain or limited movement. Remedial massage can be deep or shallow, gentle or strong and may involve a particular section or a full body massage, depending upon the areas that are highlighted with the assessment and history.
The remedial massage therapist will endeavour to eliminate the source of your problems as well as the symptoms you may be experiencing.
Where necessary, the therapist will refer you to another allied health practitioner or medical doctor for further treatment.