Visiting Chiropractic Service


At Dynamic Chiropractic we recognize that chiropractic care may be difficult for those at home to attend the practice premises. We offer a home visiting mobile service to ensure chiropractic care can be received on a regular basis.


We also recognize that many companies value their employees and wish to help maintain their health and well being. This in turn ensures the productivity of the business and for this reason we offer a mobile service for cost effective care both in the chiropractic and massage domain.

While the ergonomics of an office workstation and the need for sitting for prolonged periods of time may not be ideal, our guidance and assistance to overcome potential postural and health problems may offer a solution. We can undertake postural and spinal assessments apart from focusing on other areas of the work area.

Onsite chiropractic and soft tissue therapy can be provided for all staff and can accommodate your business’s working arrangement, whether this be during office hours or at the end of the day. Some clients arrange care for their employees on an hourly basis, which allows a number of people to be seen in this time. This is a very cost effective approach while at the same time maintaining the health and well being of all staff. If you are interested in discussing how we can cater for your business, please contact Dynamic Chiropractic on 8488-9767.